Since Missouri voters chose to legalize medical cannabis 2018, over 200, 000 citizens have obtained medical cards.

Accoriding to MoCannTrade, Missouri medical card holderrs have spent $494,139,809 in medical marijuana since N’Bliss, the first dispensary opened in St. Louis County in October 2020. The measured passed with sweeping citizen and legislator support. Prompting many advocate groups and community leaders to launch events thoughout the state. Many focused on the implications and process of the state legalizing medical cannabis and its effects on Saint Louis communities. Others on the rights and requirements to safetly and happly enjoy medical cannabis.

Under 8oz When Traveling

Missouri medical card patients can possess up to 8oz of cannabis flower.

Keep Your State Identification Near By

Print a few copeies of your medical card, and leave copy everywhere that your frequently store or consume cannabis. As a Missouri Medical Cannabis patient, you need to have your medical marijuana card and available any time you have cannabis.

Safely Stored and Secured

Just like any doctor prescribed medication as a patient, you are responsible for safely storing all cannabis products away from children, animals, and non-licensed adults. Keeping your cannabis in childproof containers and hidden from view is an easy way to secure your buds.

No Place Like Home

It perfectly legal to have cannabis on you in a public space however, it is not legal to consume it in most places.  This includes general public such as sidewalks, streets, bridges, parks, schools, and businesses.