$149 Telemedicine Appointment
Visit With Our Doctor From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Book An Online Appointment with Missouri Green Doctors to do a TeleMed Video Call for $149. Meet with a Licensed MO Physician by video chat through your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Book an appointment below.

You will be asked to fill out your contact information and select an appointment date and time. You then will be taken to the Payment tab. After you submit your payment, you will be sent two emails. One for your Payment Receipt and one for your Appointment Confirmation.

When it is time for your appointment, you will follow the Video Chat link that is sent out in the Appointment Confirmation email.  You will need to access that link from a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone that has video and audio capabilities enabled.

Before being able to start the Video Chat, you will need to fill out the new Patient Questionnaire online prior your appointment time as well as upload the required documents and State ID.

After the appointment, if approved, you will be emailed the required Physician Recommendation for Certification. You will upload this paperwork on the DHSS website when registering and applying for a Patient ID with the State of Missouri.