Dispensary Regulations

Currently the total number of dispensaries allowed to operate in Missouri is 192. In addition, licenses issued in the districts is  limited to 24.

October 17, 2020, saw the opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Missouri.  By the end of 2020, 192 dispensaries were awarded licenses and 37 more Missouri dispensaries opened on February 25th, 2021.~modispensaries.com

Cultivators, Testers, and Manufacturers

Missouri law requires that cultivators, testers, and manufacturers of infused cannabis products must abide by the control system and procedures set by the state.

The Dispensary Agent[s]

Missouri Dispensaries  are required to appoint at least one Dispensary Agent  manage and to take full responsibility for all inventory control systems and procedures.

A Basic review of commonly required Systems and Procedures:

  • Seed-to-sale tracking system. 
  • Each day’s starting inventory, sales, acquisitions, expenses, transfers, disposals, and other data to be submitted for inventory control. 
  • Record every amount of medical marijuana sold to qualifying patients in the seed-to-sale tracking system and ensure not to exceed the purchasing limits. 

Packaging Standards

  • Cannabis and Cannabis infused product Packaging must not appeal to minors;
  • Must contain a ‘marijuana’ or ‘marijuana infused product’ clear font larger than any other font on the package label;
  • Despite the contrary Cannabis products cannot promote any health benefits claims and mustdisplay state required warnings;
  • Similiar to liqour packaging the warning ”Cognitive and physical impairment may result from the use of Marijuana” must be present on packaging and clearly readable;
  • The packaging in required to include the statewide track and trace system information;
  • Packaging must be infant child prood opaque, resealable.

Learn more at: modispensaries.com/missouri-marijuana-cannabis-dispensaries